Can I donate books to the library?

Thank you for your interest in donating to Snell Library. Unfortunately, in most cases we cannot accept gifts of books and other print items due to severe space constraints and the transition to electronic information resources. If you are interested in donating a print item of special interest or value, please contact one of the staff members listed below. The Snell Library Help and Information Desk will no longer accept donations of print materials without prior approval.

Amira Aaron 
Associate Dean for Scholarly Resources
Tel: (617) 373-4961

Amy Lewontin
Collection Development Librarian
Tel: (617) 373-2001

We do welcome and appreciate donations to support our archival and electronic collections. Please see information on Giving to Snell Library. Digital bookplates are available for online materials acknowledging your financial support.  

For more information, including the gift donation policy, consult our Gift Books webpage.