Question: Can a DOI be assigned to my thesis or dissertation?
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2024     Views: 76

A DOI is a digital object identifier.  It's a unique number given to a digital work, such as a scholarly article or dissertation, to ensure stable linking and identification in perpetuity.

DOIs are assigned to Northeastern theses and dissertations after they are deposited in the Digital Repository System. First, a "handle" is assigned which can be used as a stable URL.  It has a number starting with a letter "d" prefix:

That number will be used when the DOI is assigned:


That number becomes part of this stable and more recognizable URL:

Library staff are currently working through a backlog of DOI assignments, so it may take some time to see the DOI appear. If you need a DOI assigned, please send an email to Library-Repository-Team[@] to submit a request for a DOI.