Question: Can my thesis or dissertation be removed from ProQuest and/or the DRS?
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2023     Views: 688

Making a thesis or dissertation available (with or without an embargo) through the library is a condition of graduation outlined in the student handbook (and also noted in the ETD Program agreement). But, a thesis or dissertation may be removed under certain conditions. If you feel your work should not be in the DRS, even under a renewable embargo, you will need permission from the program administrator to have it removed from the DRS and from Northeastern’s academic record. Please contact your program administrator or Library-Repository-Team[@] for more information.

All students must adhere to Northeastern's academic integrity policies, including proper citation and avoidance of plagiarism or misrepresentation.  Academic integrity policies apply to all submitted Northeastern assignments of any kind, published or otherwise, and may not be evaded through the embargo or removal process.

Please contact Proquest support about access to your thesis in Proquest.