Question: Someone in the Snell Library is being too loud.
Last Updated: Nov 15, 2023     Views: 1291

We ask that members of the Northeastern community respect the rights of others to study in Snell Library throughout the building and limit disruptive behavior. Disruptive devices, such as music or video players with headphones that leak sound, should not be used in the library. Disruptive patrons may be asked to leave the building by Library staff.

The Library has designated Room 490 on the fourth floor for Silent Study. We ask that in this space, patrons refrain from talking, making or receiving phone calls, watching videos without headphones or otherwise distracting those looking for silent study space.  

Those who wish to work in groups should please be mindful of others working in their immediate area. Group Study Rooms can be booked in advance. Other library spaces available to be reserved can be found on the rooms and spaces page. Spaces can also be reserved throughout campus through Spaces at Northeastern.

Students should abide by the University's Code of Student Conduct and respect the ability for others to focus in all study spaces.


If a library patron is being too loud or otherwise disruptive in the library, please notify library staff at the Help & Information Desk on the first floor or the overnight security officers at the Access Point.